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Olly Mead writes

Published on: 25 Jul 2017

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It has been a busy month with events and activities in Horfield, and it was lovely to bump into so many local residents at the city's annual Pride festival on 8th July.

I was touched to receive cross-party praise for work as Chair of the Council's Audit Committee during the 2016-17 municipal year, but I have been succeeded by a Liberal Democrat councillor, as it is best practice for that post to be held by a member of an opposition party. I am still keeping busy at City Hall, and have put in a request via the Place Scrutiny Commission for proper monitoring of air quality and the amount of traffic on Southmead Road and Filton Road, before and after the new big housing development is built just across the border in South Gloucestershire. That should help us to be in a stronger position to bid for government money to help deal with the problems the extra traffic will cause, and I know that this has been a concern for a lot of Horfield residents.

There will be some delays to major housing repairs, as the Council only has one surveyor, and they have been checking out all the blocks of flats in Bristol for safety, to make sure we don't have a terrible fire like the recent one in London at Grenfell Tower. They are now tackling the backlog of council houses they need to visit, to check what needs to be done on big repair jobs.

Horfield Theatre Company is auditioning for 'Allo 'Allo, and will be performing it at Horfield Parish Church Hall, just next to Horfield Common, in October. You can find out more on their website.

Last, but not least, the organisers of the coffee mornings at St Gregory's Church, on Filton Road, are having a well-earned rest in August, so the next one will be on the first Thursday of September 10am-12pm.  

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