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Gill Kirk writes

Published on: 12 Feb 2018

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Celebrating care work!

This month I wanted to highlight the Proud to Care campaign which has been set up by Bristol City Council, alongside 15 other councils across the South West and Health Education England. This is a new online jobs board to help people find paid and volunteering roles in adult social care,( caring for elderly and disabled people, and people with learning difficulties).

There is also a website that features careers advice and case studies of others already working in the sector, providing a one stop shop for both recruiters and job seekers. Adult social care is as important as the NHS in keeping people healthy, well and safe, and is often the factor that saves people going into hospital and enables them to come home quickly after hospital treatment. We definitely need to raise the profile of this valuable work and recruit the right people into the care sector.

For anyone needing care and support at home or in residential care, it is vital they are looked after by caring and well trained care staff, and have a chance to build a relationship with them over time. We have amazing care workers here in Horfield and Lockleaze who pride themselves on giving high quality personalised care, within their own community,  so there is continuity for clients and caseworkers alike! Nowadays there is much more focus on helping people to be as active and independent as they can be, so care work may well involve taking someone out to do their own shopping, or to a cafe for lunch, as well as personal care, This really helps vulnerable  people stay connected and remain part of their community. It is all about building relationships and if you are a people person maybe this is a role you would like to explore, whatever your experience and qualifications. Care work can be challenging but also immensely rewarding, because carers make such an immediate difference to the quality of people’s lives.

Cllr Helen Holland, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care at Bristol City Council said, “Care can provide all kinds of flexible work and there’s a huge array of different roles on offer. Since launching this new campaign we’re heard from many different people about why they love working in the sector and the thing that really shines through is that care workers can really make a difference. It’s not your average 9-5 in an office, but can be so much more than that, and the new jobs board will make it easier for more people to find the right job for them. We know that care providers across the country have had problems recruiting and retaining staff in the past, so we are hoping to address this and also ensure current employees get the recognition they deserve.”

The campaign aims to reach all potential care workers, but is specifically targeting key audiences including younger people and those who have studied for a health and social care qualification; parents considering a return to work; people aged 50 plus who might want to give something back to their community; and students seeking employment over holiday periods.

Care work is often very flexible and can fit around family life or study and there are lots of career opportunities once you are working in this area.

The Proud to Care campaign will run for two years. Both paid and voluntary roles can be found on the jobs board. More information can be found at:

Cllr Gill Kirk

07736 678 281


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