850 bids received for new one-bed flat

September 14 2017
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The extent of the housing shortage in Bristol is underlined by events in Morris Road.

The extent of the housing shortage in Bristol is underlined by events in Morris Road.

Each of the four two-bedroomed affordable homes built there by United Communities attracted 700 bids with a further property of theirs, a one-bedroomed flat in Filton Avenue, Horfield receiving no less than 850 bids.

United Communities have only recently merged Bristol Community Housing Foundation with United Housing Association meaning that as a larger organisation they can borrow and spend more.

Oona Goldsworthy, United Communities’ Chief Executive says, “It puts it into perspective when you see that 850 people are bidding for one flat. You can imagine yourself being the 850th person on that list, knowing you have absolutely no chance of getting a home. We’re very proud of the homes we have built in Lockleaze, but it is only four. We had 700 people bid for each one. This city desperately needs more affordable homes built.

“The merger has meant we have been able to refinance ourselves, and are able to attract extra money. Changes to Government policy over the past five years have meant it has become very difficult for housing associations to get new affordable homes built for people. But we have decided to go for it. And to do it in Bristol. It would be so much easier to do the expansion somewhere else - we have 100 homes in Swindon, and in Swindon there is plenty of land becoming available.

“But we want to do it in Bristol because this is where the housing crisis is. I’m a Bristolian and while it is easier to work in other places we love Bristol”.

United Communities plans to build 49 new homes with Bristol Community Land Trust in land just off Shaldon Road and they have further plans to build 150 properties in Southmead, on the site of the old Dunmail School.