A special Thank You to Southmead Hospital's Christmas workers

September 29 2016
A special Thank You to Southmead Hospital's Christmas workers

For most people Christmas Day will be filled with friends and family

For most people Christmas Day will be filled with friends and family, a festive lunch and the sound of paper being torn off presents. But of course, Christmas doesn't mean a holiday for everyone. Many of our staff and volunteers will forego time with their family to work over Christmas and look after our hundreds of patients. 

From providing patients with 24 hour care, to ensuring the hospital is clean and safe; our many staff come together to keep Southmead Hospital running during the festive season. Day in, day out, our staff provide an excellent service to those who are in greatest need and work hard to make Christmas a happy time for patients and their families.

Domestic Assistant Carrie Valentine will be working Christmas Day.

Carrie said: I’ll be doing the usual tasks but there will be chocolates and mince pies - and I’ll be wearing a silly hat! It is very much the same but you go that bit further to provide some Christmas cheer. I like seeing people laugh and smile, especially when they are in here. It’s really nice to be able to help someone at Christmas.” 

George Duffield is a Ward Manager for the Acute Medical Unit (AMU). He is working Christmas Day and will co-ordinate the AMU, which provides the initial assessment, diagnosis and care of patients with an acute illness during the first 72 hours of their hospital stay. 

He commented: “I enjoy working as there’s a nice atmosphere on the wards and the relatives are cheery too. I will make sure the staff and patients have as good a Christmas as they can. We will all bring food in and there will be a big buffet for people to graze on throughout the day. We will also gather around to hear the Salvation Army play.”

Volunteers will be handing out special Christmas hampers to patients, kindly provided by Southmead Hospital Charity.

Chief Executive Andrea Young: “Our staff do a great job of providing exceptional healthcare around the clock each and every day of the year, but we know that at Christmas this means they may be missing out on time celebrating with their friends and family.

“We appreciate the efforts of everyone - staff and volunteers - who will be here on Christmas Day or over the festive season, whether they are caring for patients, providing for our staff or making the hospital a clean, safe and welcome place. With your personal commitment others can enjoy a break knowing that 365 days a year we provide outstanding and exceptional care.

“I hope to see some of you on Christmas Day, but I want everyone to know that your hard work and commitment throughout the festive period much appreciated.

“Happy Christmas everyone.”