All the latest from our local Police team - April 2019

April 07 2019
All the latest from our local Police team - April 2019

Regular readers of this column will know that over recent years there has been an on-going problem with vans being broken into whilst parked in the car park at Ikea at the Eastgate Centre.

Welcome to your local neighbourhood policing team:
Lockleaze: PC Rick Woodland, PCSO Charlotte Thompson, PC Sam Hewitt; Horfield: PC Jo Archer, PC Dudley Rowe &; PCSO Tristan Fussell 

Contact: or call 101

I’m sorry to report that there was another van break-in there on the 14th March, in which £2500 worth of power tools were stolen. I do not want to see this picking up again and I would urge all van drivers to please either remove their tools (I know this can be impractical) or for one person to remain with the van. Please can you spread the word and be vigilant? These tools were the drivers’ livelihood and in this incident the lock of the van was drilled, the side door opened and all the tools were removed.
My advice to any van driver out there is to security mark all of your tools. Ideally, and I know it is not always practical and maybe impossible, but please remove valuables
/ tools from your vans when they’re left unattended. If you’re using this car-park, try and park in a well-lit area and if you have a rear-access only van, park up against a
wall to make it harder for opportunist thieves.

I just want to put your minds at rest after a recent story on Facebook where it was reported that “a stash of knives” had been found in the local area. This looked like someone had emptied their kitchen draw and I do agree it probably isn’t the best way to discard knives but I have been reliably informed that a local resident has collected them. If you want to get rid of any knives then these can be taken to any police station and placed in our knife bins. If you cannot get to your local police station,
then give us a call on 101 and your local PCSO will not mind collecting it for you. 

Knife crime has been in the press / TV coverage quite a lot recently and I just want to talk about this subject. We have already seen how knives can have devastating
effects but it doesn’t stop with the victim and offender. It affects their families and the whole community. Let’s keep it simple: it is an offence to carry a knife in a public place; it is also an offence to have a knife at school and it is illegal for a shop to sell a knife of any kind to anyone under the age of 18. If you are found carrying a knife the maximum prison sentence is four years. However, if you use a knife in a crime to injure someone, then the penalties are a lot worse. It doesn’t stop there, if you are with your friends and one of them uses a knife against someone, and the victim was to die, then you too could be investigated for murder. All this for either carrying a knife or being with so call friends that are carrying a knife. I wouldn’t call them friends. Find some new friends!

Finally, if you carry a knife you are more likely to get stabbed yourself. This can be prevented so easily. If you want to report someone carrying a knife, but don’t want to
talk to the police, you can report anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or on their website

Finally, I still have a few key safes left. If you would like one, just let me know. If there is anything that you would like me to cover please get in contact.

Until next month PCSO Charlotte