All the latest from our local Police team - February 2019

February 12 2019
All the latest from our local Police team - February 2019

We are seeing an increase in shed breaks in the Horfield area. Bikes are being stolen. One person has been arrested and released under investigation.

Welcome to your local neighbourhood policing team:

Lockleaze: PC Rick Woodland, PCSO Charlotte Thompson, PC Sam Hewitt

Horfield: PC Jo Archer, PC Dudley Rowe & PCSO Tristan Fussell

Contact: or call 101

In the meantime, please increase your security around any outbuildings you have. Secure the side gate. Invest in a shed alarm and mark your property. Don’t forget to complete your Bike Passport – ensuring you make a note of your bike’s frame number so if your bike is stolen and we come across it, we can return it. This is where the link falls down as we do come across a lot of property that we can’t return

– go and do it now!

In the first two weeks of January, Horfield / Lockleaze saw 13 vehicle offences, the majority being around the Filton Avenue area. Do not leave anything on show in your car, even loose change. It is far too tempting.

If you use any local sports facilities please ensure you use the lockers provided. Over the Christmas period, one unfortunate victim regrettably left their bag by the pool side and had their car keys stolen. Please ensure you use the lockers provided, or don’t take any valuables in with you. STOP PRESS – I have just heard of another story whereby exactly the same thing has happened. These are easy pickings if you leave your keys easily accessible and visible.

Homelessness is on the rise and a national concern, and we are seeing it locally here in Lockleaze. It is an emotive subject and for some a very difficult time. If you see us talking to someone that might be homeless, please let us do our job. We will always try to support a person who is homeless or begging, by signposting them to agencies which can help them with housing and addiction issues. We do this in partnership with the council, at the first point of contact that we have with them. If the help is not taken up and persistent / aggressive begging continues, then we have a variety of tactics at our disposal to deal with anti-social behaviour.

We receive numerous reports of people feeling scared and intimidated by people in shop entrances and cashpoints and our mission is to make people feel safe and be safe. If you do choose to give money to people begging, please do not hand money directly to them as this normally contributes towards feeding their habits. Please give instead to local charities that help them, such as St Mungo’s. Search for homeless projects in Bristol on the internet.

Until next month PCSO Charlotte