All the latest from our local Police team - January 2019

January 12 2019
All the latest from our local Police team - January 2019

Happy New Year to you all! Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions?!

Welcome to your local neighbourhood policing team:

Lockleaze: PC Rick Woodland, PCSO Charlotte Thompson, PC Sam Hewitt

Horfield: PC Jo Archer, PC Dudley Rowe &  PCSO Tristan Fussell

Contact: or call 101

Happy New Year to you all! Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions?!

I am sad to say that it’s time to say goodbye to PCSO Katie White who is moving on to a new beat. Good luck Katie, I will miss you, keep in touch.

What did you get for Christmas, a new bike? Did you know that more than 2,000 bikes are stolen in Bristol each year? Many of these are poorly secured, or not secured at all. Help keep your bike safe by following some simple advice:

Write down all your bike details: Make / model / type / serial number / colour /

frame size / wheel size / tyres / gears / accessories / identifying marks.

Register your bike details online at

Insure your bike on your household contents insurance

Lock your bike and think carefully about where you leave it, even if it is only for a minute

Use a good D-lock and / or a thick cable lock – a thief will need more tools to break two locks

At home – store your bike out of sight

If your bike is stolen please report this to the police and post a picture on

If you store your bike in a shed / garage please keep the door locked with a good quality padlock. Cover the windows with old curtains and fit wire mesh inside and install an alarm.

Also, please remember to discreetly throw away any packaging of those expensive presents after Christmas, thieves will still be active.

I have received several reports from Lockleaze schools of inconsiderate parking. We will be popping up from time to time and if I witness dangerous or zig zag parking then a fixed penalty notice will be issued. This can carry a fine of up to £100 and three points on your licence. I hear the same answers when I challenge drivers that have parked illegally: “Well where do I park?”; “There isn’t enough parking” etc. You would think it was simple but every driver that I have spoken to believes that they can park where they like, on a pavement, double yellow lines, blocking a driveway, white zig zags or on a white line. Not only are you endangering your own child and other school children, but you are also setting a bad example. Walk if you can, put on your rain coat or grab your umbrella. There is no excuse for parking where you’re not allowed to. Do you want three points on your licence? Or a fixed penalty notice? Or a summons to court? Especially after the cost of Christmas? I would rather your child is safe and you be late than any other option.

If there is anything that you would like me to cover in this column, then please contact me.

Until next month PCSO Charlotte