All the latest from our local Police team - May 2019

May 15 2019
All the latest from our local Police team - May 2019

Good news in Horfield recently where local residents stopped and detained a man during a burglary by local residents. He is currently under investigation.

Welcome to your local neighbourhood policing team:

Lockleaze: PC Rick Woodland, PCSO Charlotte Thompson, PC Sam Hewitt

Horfield: PC Jo Archer, PC Dudley Rowe & PCSO Tristan Fussell

Contact: or call 101

If you see a crime in progress our advice would be to retreat to a safe place and call 999, but I recognise that this doesn’t always go to plan. However it’s important that you put your safety first.

Talking of burglary, as the days get longer and dare I say it, the weather improves, please remember to make your house look as if it is occupied. Remember your mantra: WINDOWS / DOORS / LOCKS & KEYS! Are your windows locked? Are all your doors locked? Are your keys out of the locks and are they nearby but out of sight? If you have a burglar alarm use it, don’t be scared of it. It takes three minutes to burgle a house, how long does it take to set an alarm? Get into a pattern and get used to setting your alarm and it will get easier, I promise!

We have received a few complaints around van dwellers and vans parked on Kellaway Avenue. Bristol City Council is aware that there is an increase in numbers of people living in vehicles parked on the highways. People adopt this way of life for many different reasons and we each have a right to choose how we live. The law is there to protect everyone and we will do our utmost to ensure that our community, however this is made up, is safe. We will deal with anything of a criminal nature. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and criminal activity is not acceptable from any section of the community. The expectations and standards of behaviour are the same as is expected of all citizens.

When it comes to ASB then we can look at ways of addressing these issues. Please report any concerns to us online via our website, or by calling 101. We will work closely with other agencies to reduce ASB in any area. Bristol City Council has legislation around van dwellers and we would encourage you to report directly to them any concerns you have. Vans parked safely and legally on a highway are not breaking the law. Neither are caravans which are parked on a highway, as long as they are not causing an obstruction or a danger.

It is very hard to explain the law around vehicles parked on the highway. For many offences, an officer would have to see the vehicle moving before enforcement can happen. If it is just parked, the easiest way to get a vehicle removed is to look at the tax and anyone can do this on-line. Just go to DVLA’s website and input the car registration together with the make - if it is untaxed it will tell you. For any other complaint, and I love a challenge around vehicles, please let us know and we will look into it.

Finally, I still have a few key safes left. If you would like one, just let me know.

If there is anything that you would like me to cover please get in contact.

Until next month PCSO Charlotte