Applying for EU Settled Status: North Bristol Advice Centre's advice

September 23 2019
Applying for EU Settled Status: North Bristol Advice Centre's advice

If you are an EU citizen/EEA national, you and your family members will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) to continue living in the UK after Brexit.

EUSS allows individuals to get the immigration status they will need in order to continue to live, work and study in the UK. This status means that you will continue to be eligible for:

● Public services, such as NHS healthcare and schools

● Benefit entitlements and pensions

● British citizenship, if you want to apply and you meet the requirements

To make an application you need to:

● Prove your identity

● Prove your residency in the UK

● Declare any criminal convictions

How to apply:

Complete a short online application form, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is free to apply to the scheme. You need the following information to complete your application:

● Access to the internet on a computer, tablet or smartphone;

● A valid passport, national identity card, or biometric residence card (if you are not an EU citizen);

● A recent photo of yourself or the ability to take one on your smartphone or camera

● Your national insurance number, if you have one;

● You may need to provide proof of residence, for example bank statements, utility bills and pay slips. For a list of suggested evidence that is accepted visit

Further information is available at: Or call the resolution centre on 0300 123 7379 or contact We Are Digital on 03333 445 675 for help with online access to your application.

Need help to apply?

North Bristol Advice Centre is able to provide one-to-one support to help vulnerable people to apply to the EUSS. This could include an older person, someone with mental health problems or where language barriers make it difficult for someone to apply. If you, or someone you know, could use extra support to make an application, please contact Jenny on 0117 951 5751 Ext 215, email or drop into our office Monday to Thursday at 2 Gainsborough Square, Lockleaze, BS7 9XA.