Bishopston Medical Practice to close

September 29 2019
Bishopston Medical Practice to close

Following a public engagement on the future of services at Bishopston Medical Practice, patients are being asked to re-register with a neighbouring GP surgery, before the practice closes on September 30.

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG) sought the views of patients, staff and local providers earlier this year on a number of potential options for future service provision, including re-appointing the current or a new provider at the practice, or closing the practice and asking patients to re-register at a neighbouring practice.

Dr Martin Jones, GP and CCG medical director, explained: “We have been exploring options to ensure patients continue to receive GP services when the contract for primary care services expire at Bishopston Medical Practice on 30 September.

“After carefully considering the feedback received, and the long-term sustainability of each option, it was decided that patients should be supported to re-register at a neighbouring practice. 

“As the commissioner for primary care services locally, our first priority is to ensure that all patients continue to have access to a sustainable, high-quality GP service.

“We have written to all patients to notify them of the decision and set out other practices which are available to them. There is capacity for all patients registered in the Bishopston practice to register with others in the area and no patient will be without a GP.”

Patients registered in neighbouring  GP practices can be assured that the CCG has been working closely with all local providers to ensure that they increase their service capacity and can continue to provide safe and high quality care with the growth in patient numbers they are likely to see over the next few months.

The five alternative practices being suggested for patients to move to are Horfield, Monks Park, Fallodon Way, Gloucester Road and Montpelier.

A detailed FAQ is available on Bishopston Medical Practice website. A summary of the feedback from the engagement exercise is also published on the CCG website.