Bus services need to be a priority, says group

September 29 2016
Bus services need to be a priority, says group

A special public meeting is to be called for residents of Horfield and Lockleaze on the topic of our bus services.

A special public meeting is to be called for residents of Horfield and Lockleaze on the topic of our bus services.

The quality of bus service provision in Horfield and Lockleaze has been identified as a priority by the Horfield and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Partnership. Earlier this year the Partnership, led by the Traffic and Transport Working Group, undertook a bus survey to assess current opinion on service provision in our area.

The aim of the survey was to gather opinions, collate responses and then provide the raw data along with a brief overview to bus companies to consider and respond to. The intended outcome was to work together with bus companies to try and improve bus service provision where possible.

Questions were designed to be broadly in line with surveys bus companies had used in their own surveys to improve accessibility.


An online survey was distributed to our email contact lists and posted on social media. In addition Southmead Hospital staff were emailed the survey link. Face to face surveys were also undertaken at neighbourhood forums, at bus stops and on buses themselves.

206 responses were gathered in total.

Headline findings

-          The number 24 received most comments (65)

-          Reliability of the number 24 was the most commonly cited issue

-          Reliability also reported as an issue across many different services including 505 and 76

-          There were many complaints regarding the bus stop/layover arrangements on Dorian Road

-          Issues of reliability can have a significant impact on hospital staff travelling from further afield

-          Comments relating to service coverage tended to focus on the request to bring back the number 25. A number of gaps in the network were also highlighted.

-          A range of other comments were made, most commonly relating to the cost of bus tickets.

-          Routes and gaps in services have been caused by the attraction of all the services to the hospital so locally people do not have as good coverage

-          507 removal – can no longer get to Fishponds or Kingswood from Lockleaze, can a service duplicate this route

-          A request for more services to come up Monks Park and down Gloucester Road

The group agreed that the poor provision of buses for Lockleaze should be a focus for the Traffic and Transport Sub Group of the Neighbourhood Partnership to influence. The meeting requested that this special public meeting be organised (preferably in early autumn before evenings draw in on the topic of the bus services.   First and possibly other providers of services and infrastructure, be invited to respond to the survey and attend the meeting to respond directly to the public.

The Traffic and Transport Group will share the raw dataset with the bus companies and then arrange to meet with them to discuss the findings in more depth. Other relevant stakeholders such and Councillors and cabinet leads will also be engaged on relevant matters where necessary.