Celebrating the great and the good of our communities

November 10 2018
Celebrating the great and the good of our communities

The second Horfield and Lockleaze Community Awards were held at the Lockleaze Sports Centre on Saturday, 29th September.

The evening began with Sandy Mitchell, one of the Sports Centres’ trustees addressing the meeting before handing over to Jayne Whittlestone who compered the evening superbly.

The fact that this year’s winners were a different set of people that won last year underlines the volume of people tirelessly working away in our community, achieving great things.

A full list of winners is shown below along with the reasons they were nominated.

Best Business: Crispy Cod:

“We love the crispy cod. What a fabulous fish bar - such generous portions, such friendly staff. This fish and chip shop is in the heart of Lockleaze, provides great value for money, and supports community events with donations. Earlier this year someone erroneously suggested they were closing- although this was distressing to the owners - hopefully the outpouring on Love Lockleaze about how much people love the chip shop gave comfort to them about what a firm favourite they are in the heart of the community.”

Community Project: Unity Festival:

“This was a great festival organised by local residents. It celebrated local talent and diversity, included lots of people from across the community and it was organised by local residents who wanted to do something nice for the community. Like all events, it was a major learning curve for those involved but that managed the whole process with good cheer through all the highs and lows of different projects.”

Community Volunteer: Lakisha Adlam:

“She was one of a group who organised the Unity Festival in Lockleaze which was not only amazing in itself but they also raised money to help within our community. She’s always volunteering at community events and giving a hand and when I moved in here she was welcoming and kind and made me feel like I belonged here. She’s a wonderful neighbour who is always there if you need her. I feel she embodies everything Lockleaze is lucky for. A great community, lovely neighbours and a real village type atmosphere.”

Parent in a Million: Anne Daniels:

“Anne Daniels is nearly 70 and, where other people this age are enjoying retirement, she has taken on her great grandson! She is his mum in so many ways and does the absolute best she can for him. She helps him with school work and gives him the love and care that is needed. Not only is she a mother herself to 4 other girls, she is a Nan and great Nan to many others. She looks after her grandchildren and great grandchildren so they can go to work. Anne is the heart of the family and someone the family can rely on. Anne never moans she gets on with it and shows love to all.”

Good Neighbour: Andrea Palmer:

“Andrea has been sharing her time with family, neighbours and wider community as long as she’s lived locally and is always enthusiastic to help with new things. She hosts neighbours for film evenings and meals, volunteers her time with kids work in Horfield and Lockleaze and with a mental health charity in Bristol. She’s friendly, fun and loves bringing people together.

Long-standing Volunteer: Victoria Tiley:

“Victoria is a fabulous lady who has a big heart. She away put others before herself. She always put 100% in her volunteer work. She has raised money for families in need of help. She has helped young people get back in to education and find jobs. The list goes on. She is an outstanding lady who cares and makes a big difference.”

Youth Project: The Vench:

“The Vench has been through some difficult times, but Charley Murrell has worked hard to gain extra resources, recruit volunteers, work with other community partners and has managed to organise a good varied programme of summer holiday events for local children.”

Older Adult Project: Footprints:

“Led by Angela Powell, a local volunteer, this weekly social meet up for older people in Horfield and Lockleaze has continued to provide a welcoming, fun and special atmosphere for those who may otherwise feel quite isolated. As well as the weekly group which has a menu of different entertainment each week, they host bigger events which draw around 70-80 people each time e.g. pre-royal wedding afternoon tea back in May.”

Young Achiever: Tegan Lane:

“Tegan has always helped out within her community. This summer she helped stoke park P.T.A sort out the book shop which was a massive job! She gave up her own time to do this. She also volunteered at the school holiday club in the summer holidays which was a real help and the younger children looked up to her. Tegan is a young carer but this has never stopped her from achieving at school and in her life! She is a great young person who is always supportive of others and has a wonderful manner about her.”