Chris hangs up his lollipop

July 03 2018
Chris hangs up his lollipop

It was a sad day when Chris Hamblin, Stoke Park School’s popular School Crossing Patrol hung up his lollipop for good after two and a half years of helping the children and their parents cross a busy Brangwyn Grove before and after school every day.

A very grateful group of parents clubbed together and made a presentation to Chris to mark the occasion. Local resident Karen Edkins said, “Chris will be sorely missed by both the children and parents of Stoke Park School. We'd all like to thank Chris so much for all his hard work and his cheery smile. Ensuring a safe journey to school for all our children.

“The cuts from this Conservative government are damaging essential parts of our community including Education and the safety of our Children. We need urgent change to stop these cuts. I hope a way can be found to bring back Chris to this vital school crossing patrol”.

Stoke Park School was one of 21 schools across Bristol to lose their School Crossing Patrol as the council looked to save £155,000 from its budget.