Claire Hiscott writes

March 07 2018
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Here we are in March and I must say how glad I am that the sun is finally shining and Spring is definitely here.

Here we are in March and I must say how glad I am that the sun is finally shining and Spring is definitely here.

It’s time to really get out and enjoy our lovely parks and I especially love being able to talk a walk across Horfield common and see the daffodils beginning to come out.

I am glad to have some good news to report for our ward, especial some progress on long standing issues. Residents of Pitlochry Close have had their final consultation on parking restrictions to protect them from the impact of the  Southmead Hospital development. How long ago did we start fighting on that one???? But, hurrah the council have finally listened and the plans should be agreed by the end of April.

A business case has been submitted to the Cabinet member for Housing to move forward on a Community Hub for Manor Farm as part of the redevelopment of the former St Peters Elderly Persons home on Bishopthorpe Road. Looking back over my council documents, I saw that I first submitted a request for community space on that site in 2014!!! George Ferguson agreed to set aside funding in 2016 so perhaps we might actually see some progress this year, fingers crossed.

I’m glad to report that a new air quality project is underway, monitoring air quality outside our schools on major roads, including orchard School, which I’m sure will prove what we already think – that transport congestion is not good for our health. I also had a great time visiting St Teresa’s primary school to listen to young readers as part of Read Aloud month.

I’m delighted that we have had a fantastic response to the Horfield residents survey, you can read more on that in other articles in this edition , but it was great to hear how positive residents are about our area. And finally, we have seen some maintenance works completed – a new pathway on St Aldwyn’s Close and a new bin on Cropthorne Road South near Poets Park – small achievements, but welcome improvements.

So, onward on to Spring! With the Labour Mayor setting a budget that seems to prioritise Public Relations above public services, I’ll be working to ensure that Horfield doesn’t miss out on investment. I’ll be fighting to see a positive outcome for the community for our Library and will be pushing for the instalment of an all-weather surface for the play area on Horfield Common. So plenty to keep me busy! Any issues that are of concern to you please get in touch, sometimes things take a while, but we get there in the end!! I wish you all a Happy Easter in advance and hope the sun shines for our Bank Holiday break!