Could Community-led housing be coming to Lockleaze

May 07 2018
Could Community-led housing be coming to Lockleaze

A workshop was recently held at the Hub presented by Helen Bone of Vivid Regeneration where Helen explained that there is no definitive model and that there are many variations.

It is an alternative to private, council or housing association led housing. It is usually driven by a gap that needs filling and is often a response to “affordability”.

It can provide opportunities for skills development, strengthens the community and increases the wellbeing of residents. It can even produce an income to sustain community services and allows local people to have greater control over development and running services in their area.

An example of what can be achieved is Astry Close in Lawrence Weston. 40 homes will be built by 2021, a mix of social rent, shared ownership and outright sale. It was a resident-led design process where a discount on the land was negotiated in return for social, economic and environmental value.

Could this happen in Lockleaze? The Bristol Community Land Trust development by Shaldon Road is evidence that it is already happening. 49 highly sustainable, affordable homes are being constructed here in Lockleaze. There will be a mix of shared ownership, affordable rent and rent to buy homes. A budget of £7.1 million was agreed with a £1.2 million grant and the remainder being funded by loans. 50% of the homes will be owned by both United Communities and Bristol Community Land Trust.

More can be done. There are a number of sites in Lockleaze that have been identified as possible sites: Blake Road, Bonnington Walk, Branwhite Close, Downman Road, Mulready Close, Rowlandson Gardens, Turner Gardens, Herkomer Close and Brangwyn Grove are all possible sites.

If you are interested in finding out more please come along to the next workshop which is being held at the Hub on Tuesday, 8th May between 7 and 9pm or alternatively leave your details with Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust at the Hub.