Eastgate Shopping Centre could be in line for upgrade

April 06 2018
Eastgate Shopping Centre could be in line for upgrade

A planning application has been submitted to Bristol City Council to upgrade the Eastgate Retail Centre.

A planning application has been submitted to Bristol City Council to upgrade the Eastgate Retail Centre.

The owner of the Centre, Consolidated Property Group (CPG), has submitted the application as part of wider measures to upgrade the Centre and introduce new modern-day units to diversify the range of facilities and maintain the Centre as a vibrant hub for the local community.

In addition to the reorganisation of the Centre, there has been street art and new signage introduced. There are also separate proposals to reconfigure the local highways, plans for which will be submitted in the Spring. Sally Dawson, speaking on behalf of CPG, said: “We are making a substantial investment in the Centre so that it remains a viable and effective centre for the local community. We have a wide range of well known tenants such as Marks & Spencer, Next, Boots and Mothercare which offer a very valuable local service, especially for those who are reliant only on public transport.

“However, it is important we keep the Centre a modern and vibrant facility, especially as the retail market is so volatile with Internet and ‘Click & Collect’ impacting on traditional sales. The Centre is an important community destination and as long-term investors in Bristol we are committed to ensuring it continues to meet the needs of the local community”.

This latest planning application is broadly similar to that submitted early last year and eventually withdrawn in December 2017. It focuses on the relocation of the existing Burger King unit to a smaller unit on the other side of the car park at the entrance to the Centre to meet the operator’s latest trading format and business model. It is then proposed, through the planning application, that the vacated space could house three new units, one large and two small, for new retailers thus diversifying the range of shops to meet local needs.

The new application looks to introduce revised and enhanced site landscaping proposals whilst protecting the established flora and introducing new green infrastructure projects such as a green wall, and an electric vehicle charging hub.

This new multi-million pound investment would create up to 100 new jobs and could lead to further significant local community benefits if approved.

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