Fairfield students follow their kick-boxing dreams

November 18 2019
Fairfield students follow their kick-boxing dreams

Fairfield High School (FHS) is privileged to have some very talented students who are excelling at kickboxing; between them they possess an awe inspiring number of medals.

Dedication is certainly the key, as Year 8 students Mika, Matthew, Oscar and Lyndon spend between 6 to 12 hours training per week in order to tackle different gradings to earn different belts.

The boys’ enthusiasm is infectious as they explain their different specialisms. Mika’s, for example, is speed and fast kicks; darting and dodging people helps him win his trophies. Matthew’s and Oscar’s are punching, and Lyndon’s speciality is both focus and technique. They each take part in different competitions depending on their weight and height.

Lyndon, who trains 12 hours per week, recently travelled to Rimini in Northern Italy, as part of his kickboxing dream. There, he represented the UK in ‘Light Contact’ coming away with an impressive bronze medal. He comments: “I go to lots of Great Britain competitions. My aim is to be in the WAKO (World Association of Kick Boxing) team for Great Britain. It’s the next step above the Bristol one and I hope one day I can make it! My dream years ago was to be a rock star, but when I saw the new Karate Kid, it inspired me so I decided to leave that one for someone else!”

Matthew and Oscar are just three away from a black belt. Matthew states “I would like to win a couple of competitions abroad” and Oscar “My dream is to reach the black sash in Kung Fu.”

Mika’s time is spread amongst other activities, including drums and basketball, leaving him with very little spare time at all, but he quotes “I wouldn’t have it any other way!”.

The four boys all kickbox together for GB Fit (as part of Team Bristol). GB Fit is run by kickboxing and Kung Fu champions, who work with “people of all ages and all abilities to help improve their health, wellbeing and happiness.”

Amy Carr, Achievement Coordinator for Year 8 at Fairfield High School comments: “I am incredibly proud of these four young lads. They are demonstrating determination, skill and passion for a sport they are all clearly very talented at. We wish them every success and hope they continue to follow their dreams.”