Food poverty guide launched

March 11 2019
Food poverty guide launched

A new guide to help people maximise their income and avoid food poverty has been launched in Lockleaze.

Unlocked: Avoiding Food Poverty in Lockleaze is for anyone who is struggling to buy food and/or is at risk of food poverty. It can be used by local people,
and agency staff as an information resource.

Unlocked pulls together information on local services that can help people maximise their income and shows where they can go for help. It includes
information on emergency payments, foodbanks, where to get money advice, healthy start vouchers, support to find a job and more.

The guide was produced by North Bristol Advice Centre on behalf of the Lockleaze Food Alliance. This is a partnership of local organisations that aims to
positively impact food culture in our community and tackle local food poverty.

Copies of Unlocked are now available at community venues and schools in Lockleaze. You can also download a pdf copy, from the following websites:
North Bristol Advice Centre or The Hub or