Goats introduced to Stoke Park

July 28 2019
Goats introduced to Stoke Park

Come and meet Lockleaze’s newest residents.

A small number of goats started grazing in the Gun Battery in Stoke Park; this is to help control the growth of bramble, scrub and trees.  If left unchecked, this vegetation would damage and prevent access to the Battery.

Grazing will take place for limited number of weeks each year. You are able to walk through the gun battery when goats are grazing but you are asked to follow the guidance below:

  • don't approach, chase or feed the goats

  • keep dogs on a lead at all times when goats are grazing

  • follow advice on goat-grazing times: notices will be located on the grazing areas to advise you when goats are grazing 

  • shut gates behind you

The goats are being introduced by Street Goat. Street Goat will:

  • regularly check on the goats to make sure they are safe

  • give them regular health checks

In case of emergencies such as injured goats, or if you are concerned about the goats' safety, call Street Goat on 07708 977063.