Letters August 2016

June 24 2016

Letters August 2016

Please don’t park on pavements

If the people of Stonebridge Park are concerned about safety why are they parking on the pavements so disabled people cannot use the pavement? Mobility scooters have to go down the road, don’t need planters double parking it’s one-way traffic. Why don’t we close Ridgeway?

Mr D James


Reclaiming roads for the people

The efforts of Stonebridge Park residents to make their road safer is commendable. Several years back our road was closed for a car-free day. Children played there; we made the acquaintance of unknown neighbours, and other strangers stopped to talk. I sat outside my gate: it was quiet and fume-free. It’s good when roads are reclaimed for people – cars are a menace when driven with a mistaken attitude: ‘roads are for cars and those who drive them!’ Re-read the Highway Code!

Pauline Harvey, Fishponds


I say Yes to McDonald’s

I say yes to McDonald’s in Fishponds.
The old tile factory is like a scrapyard and it would look better and tidy with a McDonald’s on it.
I don’t know who signed the petition – are they all from Fishponds?

Keith Barr Fishponds


Drivers’ attitudes need to change

How did the residents of Stonebridge Park get permission to create the street pockets, and create artwork on the road?
Who paid for them? Can we have breakfast at the tables or are they only for the residents? Who gave permission for the two street parties and the road to be closed to cause a nuisance to the rest of Fishponds drivers?
Someone is pulling strings!
Others are unable to get permission for such things as disabled bays, special access for funerals and other reasons without a great deal of difficulty.
Does this mean that other roads can follow suit and get the same permission? How pretty our roads will become, much nicer than having dreaded speed bumps etc. Drivers will speed wherever they go especially those with a bad attitude and no thought for others.
I would hate to see a catastrophe occur should it be necessary to have vital emergency vehicles access the road from Channons Hill, such as a gas explosion.
The street pockets do cause traffic build at times. Commuters need to use StonebridgePark because of the congestion in Fishponds Road, at the traffic lights on Channons Hill entrance which gridlocks the main road, in both ways towards Fishponds towards Eastville and St George also.
I think it is great that there is a good community spirit in Stonebridge Park. It’s like VE Day and after. Children should not play on the road unless seriosly supervised, an abduction could occur, what are their  back gardens for?
I regularly use Stonebridge Park and am astounded this has been allowed to happen. Speedbumps could alleviate the speed problems as in other parts of the city even though I dislike them as well.
It’s drivers’ attitudes that need to change; consideration by all to benefit everyone.

Valerie Faulkner, Fishponds


Go back to brushes to clean our streets

I wish to add my complaint about the poor standard of street cleaning.
Vassall Court is a cul-de-sac just off the Straits Parade in Fishponds and the road has just 13 houses and a turnaround area.
The road has its problems as it becomes a car parking area since the Straits Parade has become a short term limited parking zone. This makes it difficult for the infrequent motorised sweepers and in addition in the turnaround area is small and cannot accommodate this motorised road sweeping. The turnaround area has therefore accumulated a lot of rubbish, leaves especially - which now hide the double yellow lines, which motorists are taking advantage of.
Changing back to more frequent brush cleaning would be ideal.

JH Griffiths, Fishponds