Minister takes his love revolution to Guatemala

March 09 2018
Minister takes his love revolution to Guatemala

Anyone who knows the popular vicar at St James in Lockleaze, Dave Jeal, will know that Dave describes his ministry in just two words, “love revolution”.

Anyone who knows the popular vicar at St James in Lockleaze, Dave Jeal, will know that Dave describes his ministry in just two words, “love revolution”.

Dave has recently taken his love revolution all the way to Guatemala, a small country in Central America sandwiched between Mexico to the north and Honduras and El salvador to the south. It is known chiefly for its volcanoes, rain forests and ancient Mayan sites.

Travelling with the recently retired Bishop of Bristol, Mike Hill, they were the guests of a charity called Street Kids Direct. Set up in 2001 by Duncan Dyason its vision is to see a world where children and young people do not need to depend upon the streets in order to survive. Their mission is to promote the plight of street children, to raise funds to alleviate the suffering of street children, to provide support, training and advice to their charity partners, and to help prevent more children choosing to live on the streets.

The founding principle of Street Kids Direct is that the charity guarantees 100% of all its donations go directly to the projects it supports in Guatemala and now in Honduras.  This is achieved by keeping the charity as an online only charity. They have no offices, no paid staff and no running costs. They are all volunteers who give their time and personal finances to work for the charity.

Since the charity began supporting the children on the streets of Guatemala City in 2001 it has grown into one of the most effective charities working with street children in Guatemala today and now supporting inspirational work with street and "high-risk" children in Honduras.  The charity is also involved in providing support, advice and training to a charity in the UK helping children "at-risk" and to a charity in Colombia.

Whilst in Guatemala Dave and Mike were taken to a place called “the Terminal”. Dave says, “a place where families live and eat from a rubbish dump and children of four sniff thinners all policed by death gangs called Angels who shoot anyone who upsets them”.

The trip proved to be a successful one as thanks to a donation from St James two boys, Luis Felipe and Carlitos, have just started school rather than being on the streets.

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