Monks Park Doctors Surgery's monthly column - September 2019

September 21 2019
Monks Park Doctors Surgery's monthly column - September 2019

National Fitness Day is on the 25th of September, What are you going to be doing to take care of your body? You could go to the gym, play football with friends or go to a climbing centre and do some bouldering; there’s something for all ages and all degrees of fitness.

We need to address the fact that exercise floods the body with feel good hormones and yet we seem to avoid it like the plague due to its tedious nature. Exercise doesn’t have to be in the gym; you can be creative with it and there are also a lot of different activities in the community. 

The general goal that people should strive to achieve is 30 minutes of activity which won’t feel like a long time if you are having fun with it. Swimming is a great activity for all ages and all abilities. Most leisure centres have a swimming pool and usually have different activities available. Horfield Leisure Centre has different swim sessions for example: Ladies swimming, Disney Inspired Family fun swim sessions and senior swimming. Swimming is especially a great activity for elderly people who may suffer from joint pain simply because swimming is a low impact activity that doesn’t take a huge toll on your joints compared to other activities like running.

For those people who need an adrenaline rush: a great option is mountain biking. Going on jumps and large downhill stretches at breakneck speeds might just be what you need along with a great workout from riding up large hills. A great place to go Mountain biking is in Ashton Court but you can just about go for any wooded area. You can also go with a group of friends; all you need is a helmet and a bike.

There are some people who just can’t be bothered to leave the house and that’s understandable but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise! The internet is a wonderful thing where you can access a tonne of home workouts or even try out yoga which is great for both the body and the mind. Yoga is truly for all levels of fitness and is good if you wish to improve your flexibility. Check out the NHS Choices Gym Free Workouts and 10 Minute Workouts which means you don’t have to leave the house or spend any money on gym membership to exercise!

However, some people just like a good old run and it’s a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance. All you need is an open area to run and you are set. Of course running can get boring which can be easily sorted - you can just drag your friends out with you and all of sudden you’re also helping your friends to be active too! You could take part in a local parkrun which

is held every Saturday at 9:00am. Check out the parkrun website for an event near to you. To get you started, we would be happy for patients to join us at Eastville parkrun on the 5th of October – look out for us in our Monks Park t-shirts! We’d love to see you there!

This piece was written by Alonzo Kallarachully, a Yr 13 Work Experience Student from Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

Thank you Alonzo!