MP launches North Bristol Transport Plan and calls for new Transport Hubs

February 13 2019
MP launches North Bristol Transport Plan and calls for new Transport Hubs

Following months of research and public engagement, Darren Jones MP has launched a North Bristol Transport Plan which calls for wide-ranging transport investment in the constituency.

The plan includes details of three potential sites for Transport Hubs in Shirehampton, Henbury and North of Lockleaze as well as calls for new bus and cycle lanes and access restrictions to any new arena built at Filton.

 Alongside the Transport Plan, the MP for Bristol North West has also launched a Transport Survey to encourage constituents to share their general experiences of local transport, as well as their feedback on the proposed Transport Hubs. Darren has already sought to engage with constituents in less formal ways by asking them to send him transport vlogs via the Seenit app, it is understood Darren is the first MP to use vlogging via Seenit to seek feedback from his constituents.

Darren said:

After a year’s worth of work, I am launching my North Bristol Transport Plan. This plan has been formed off the back of public meetings I held in 2018 and feedback including vlogs from residents about their views on transport. It will be the basis on which I lobby national and regional Government to secure funding for transport upgrades across Bristol North West.

The three key messages are that: (1) we want to see new “Transport Hubs” where we bring rail, park and ride, electric vehicle charging points and cycle lock-up/hire into one site. I’m calling for three new Transport Hubs at Shirehampton, Henbury and North of Lockleaze; (2) we want to see continuous bus and cycle lanes from these new Transport Hubs into and out of Bristol City Centre and Cribbs Causeway to provide safe travel to work routes; and (3) we must see significant transport investment and no access to the Filton Airfield from back roads across the North of Bristol if the proposed Bristol YTL Arena is to go ahead.

Additionally, these new Transport Hubs should not be built on greenbelt (there’s sufficient brown field sites available) and I believe that new bus and cycle lanes can be built without reducing the current road capacity.

I want to know what my constituents think about this plan, so I’ve launched a Transport Survey – would they use public transport more if rail, bus and cycle services were located at same place and if you could drive/cycle and park there? Transport, and its weaknesses, are not something we can escape - it impacts our time, businesses and our pockets as well as public health and climate change - I encourage everyone to have their say".

The Transport Plan can be found at :