New Friends groups formed at Horfiled and Lockleaze libraries

November 18 2019
New Friends groups formed at Horfiled and Lockleaze libraries

New “Friends Groups” at Horfield and Lockleaze libraries are making ideas a reality, and are asking local residents to get involved. They have access to up to £4,000 per library, as part of the council’s new Innovation Fund.

Earlier this year, the Library Ideas conversations saw over 1,200 ideas submitted. Some of these ideas are now in progress – such as new books, better signage & tidying up the yard at Lockleaze, and new carpets, blinds, heating system & occasional coffee mornings at Horfield Library, and new children’s rug and book boxes at both libraries. 

In addition, Libraries are encouraging and supporting local residents to set up “Friends Groups” at each library, to help make more of these ideas a reality and build a stronger library community. And the council has now launched an Innovation Fund with up to £4,000 for each library. 

Announcing the innovation fund at a cabinet meeting at City Hall, deputy mayor for communities Asher Craig said: “I’m really proud to announce that we are going to launch a new Friends resource pack and a new library innovation fund where we will be making available up to £4,000 per library for Friends and community groups across the city to apply for funding to kick start some of the ideas that they shared with us a few months ago.”

Local people across the city are rising to the challenge, with the Friends of Horfield Library and Friends of Lockleaze Library starting up in the last few weeks.  Both groups are eager to help bring out the potential in their local libraries, and are looking for new members to help organise activities & partnerships, apply for the fund, and raise the profile of their libraries locally. 

To get involved in either group, please contact your local Library Development Officer Paul Walker ( or leave your contact details with library assistants at either library.