New vision for a future green space

May 07 2018
New vision for a future green space

A number of residents attended the presentation in Horfield School on this theme by the students from UWE who had engaged with the community

back in the Autumn/Winter 2017 to put together a common residents and community-led vision of what could be achieved in this now free green space
where the MUGA used to be up to a year ago this month. With the help of Sam Thomson from the ACT who had recruited the students on behalf of the Manor Farm community and local area to carry out the work they made a very detailed and inspiring presentation of their architectural plans drawn up on the basis of residents’ input.

A little about the area being looked at – currently more or less a blank canvas, main access from north to south via a lane from Maskelyne Ave to Bishopthorpe Road, a reasonable size but somewhat challenging topography i.e. a bit sloping in parts, and overlooked by a fair amount of homes to which consideration will need to be given in terms of noise levels potentially generated.

In brief the scheme could comprise a 7 stage development focussing on different items such as planting of various types, in particular to soften the edges and act as a sound barrier, cycle ways, paths for walking for gentle exercise/dog walking, new play equipment, seating, low level lighting to create a feeling of safety, new access points and routes – potentially linking back East to West along to the proposed future new housing and community hub development in the grounds of the former St Peters EPH.

These different aspects were accommodated in a design of different circles that could potentially looked after by different groups such as the school, local community gardening groups and also BCC in terms of standard maintenance, as each one is a manageable size.

It should be stressed that the plan for now is a Vision, and a very inspiring one, but much further work to be done in terms of getting funding whether from BCC or more likely in the current climate from elsewhere and getting BCC and Parks to agree to certain aspects of the work. Realistically only certain parts can be implemented in the near future and others longer term ... a plan over a number of years. A meeting is now being arranged for next month by Councillor Claire Hiscott with the Parks
and Housing Departments to show them these plans, which I am also to attend as Chair of MFCH.

If you missed the presentation the good news is there will still be time to see the plans and air your views at the two all day APE Fundays (fully supervised play for all the family) coming up in the space on Weds 30 th May and Sat 14 th July, both 10.00 am until 3.00 pm when the students will again come along with the paper plans plus we from the core MFCH group will also be there ... and meanwhile all being well an electronic version of the plans will also be produced to share with you on social
media or by email before these dates.

In addition Stay and Play shorter weekly sessions also delivered by APE and supported by MFCH and Quartet will start after Easter from 3 to 6 pm, day of week yet to be confirmed… watch this space, and our social media.

Finally a big thank you from all of us involved, to the students for the professional and creative way in which this vision was presented to us … now it is down to the community working together and with BCC to see how we can make it into a working reality.