News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - August 2019

August 15 2019
News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - August 2019

I hope everyone has had a chance to do a bit of relaxing over the summer whether at home or further afield. The weird weather both in the UK and in Europe has made us all think about the reality of climate change and we can feel a bit helpless about what to do.

Bristol City Councillors agreed unanimously to declare a ‘climate emergency’ and move to making the city carbon neutral by 2030 and I joined the cross party working group as the Conservative representative. This was  initially a great group of councillors who really wanted to work together. Sadly however, very quickly it was clear the Mayor had decided to hijack the issue for political gain and he has now excluded all councillors from further discussions by setting up an unaccountable ‘board’ as part of the City Office quango.  I along with other councillors have tried to call this out at the recent Full Council meeting in July has the current measures for becoming a more energy efficient city are rather limited and won’t even commit the council to building eco-friendly council homes or not building on our Green belt. I’ll keep working on this!!!

But we can all do our bit to reduce our energy use and reduce our rubbish going to landfill- why not check out -they give you 50 practical ways to help the planet!

More locally if you are affected by parking problems on your road please take a moment to fill in my survey - I have had a great response so far, so please add your views so I can take this to the cabinet member for Transport in September.  Go to

As always, I am around to help with issues small and large - drop me a line or give me a call and I will try and help. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Claire Hiscott. 07970 546 509