News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - June 2019

June 15 2019
News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - June 2019

This month I am pleased to report back on some positive news for the area.

Following strong campaigning from Conservative councillors the Mayoral administration has relented in its threat to close our local libraries. Finally seeing sense it has taken a leaf out of the book of neighbouring South Gloucestershire council and invested in better technology to increase access rather than reducing it. A major success for a combination of persistent residents and determined councillors! Horfield library will now remain open.

Another success, just down the road from us, was the shelving of major proposals to change access roads around the A4018 (Falcondale Road). It was due to make areas in Henbury and Brentry almost inaccessible and was likely to cause chaos to the other main arteries out of the city like Southmead Rd and Filton Road as commuters looked for easier routes. The re-think came yet again after passionate lobbying from those who know the area best - local councillors and residents! We are still awaiting the changes to  the Muller Road proposals - watch this space.

Why can’t the council just ask us first before dreaming up schemes from City Hall? A question which I’m sure will remain unanswered.

Which brings me back to our lovely patch of Horfield. Five years ago this summer, the new Brunel wing of Southmead Hospital opened and I’m sure many of us have used the new facilities and have benefited from the wonderful service of NHS staff. I know my family is very grateful for excellent treatment there.

But still, for many residents the hospital is mixed blessing. The increase in staff and the inadequate parking and public transport options has led to our small residential roads still being packed to a dangerous level with the extra cars of staff and patients. The hospital acknowledges it doesn’t have the parking capacity it needs, telling new staff of a 3 month waiting list for a space and advising them to find something in a nearby street.

Following some really dangerous parking, I want the council to take another look at the impact on our local streets around the hospital and I’m asking for your help. I am launching a survey and petition to gauge residents views on the issue and so can I ask you to go to my Facebook page ‘Councillor Claire Hiscott’ for more info. I want to know the effects on your road and how you would like it solved, including asking for a permitted parking scheme.

For this issue and any others you have locally please contact me as as always either via Facebook, email, telephone or carrier pigeon!

As I sign off I hope the sun shines on us all and proves summer really is here!

Cllr Claire Hiscott. Email:  tel:07970 546 509

Councillor Claire Hiscott

Horfield Ward

Deputy Leader Conservative Group

Bristol City Council

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