News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - March 2019

March 09 2019
News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - March 2019

Spring seems to have sprung! As I’m writing this article the sun is shining - I hope the weather is still as lovely when you come to read it!

There will have no doubt been lots of talk in the news about politics and ‘voting’ - which you may we’ll be fed up with on the national landscape, but I want to bring you up to date with votes that I will have cast at a local level at Bristol’s council meetings.

By the time you read this I will have voted AGAINST the Mayor’s proposed 2019-20 budget for the city and I want to tell you why.

It’s not all about party political nonsense for me, it’s about common sense. Whilst I agree at a local council level money is very tight and I’d like to see that change, I can’t agree with some of the crazy wasteful spending that now surrounds the Mayor’s office. Marvin’s office staffing and cabinet now cost at least twice as much more than under George Ferguson and his administration is currently paying over £1000 a day to many interims and consultants throughout the council - with some expected to stay on that salary for over 12 months. I cannot agree to this sort of spending while local services for residents suffer. This frittering away of money is just the tip of the iceberg and I therefore can’t support his presented budget figures.

In addition to this I am likely to be asked to vote during March on proposals for an increase in the Mayor’s salary well above inflation and above a standard MPs salary. The proposal is to increase the salary from around £75k to around £91k - I will not agree to this. Standing for public office is about a sense of duty and wanting to do some good for the place you live, for me it has never been about making a pile of cash from the tax-payer. Which is why I won’t vote for an increase above inflation.

Sorry to talk dull old stuff about voting etc. but I feel you deserve to know from me why I vote the way I do on your behalf. Please contact me if you want more information.

I’ll sign off with some more cheery news - many of you will have seen the plans for the community centre and homes in Manor Farm, fingers crossed for planning approval. Those of  you living along Muller Road will have seen some planned changes to the road layout, some good, some not so good, please feed into the consultation.

And finally....please come along and support the Love Horfield Community Food Event on 29th March, 5.30pm and Horfield CofE Primary School, it’s going to be great fun!!! Yes it is the proposed date of B**X*T (correct at time of writing!) but don’t let that put you off!!

As always, I love hearing from you when you have local issues etc. Drop me a line or give me a call and I’ll try and help!

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