News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - May 2019

May 14 2019
News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - May 2019

So much has been going on since I last wrote my column that I don’t quite know where to start!

I’ll start with a few thank you’s - big thanks to the wonderful local litter picking groups - Friends of Horfield Common and Love Horfield are doing brilliant work keeping our parks and streets clean. It would be even more wonderful if during the summer EVERYONE could be careful not to drop litter in the first place. Please if you are having a picnic or visiting the Common then dispose of your litter properly or take it home with you.

In Council business I have put in two bids for local funding, supported by my Councillor colleague Olly Mead: we are asking for £30k for Horfield Common to protect the perimeter from unwanted vehicle access and £5k for St.Teresa’s school pavement bollards to protect children on their way to school. The funding pot for the ward committee that includes Horfield is the smallest in the city so its fingers crossed the bids will be accepted.

I am continuing to challenge the Mayor and his cabinet on their continued investment in Bristol Energy - £37.5million of council reserves has been put in, with no expectation of seeing any profit until 2034. This currently equates to taking away approx £300 per average Bristol family from Council Tax and putting it into a company that is yet to turn a profit rather than spend it on front line services. Along with councillors from all the other parties we are frustrated that the Labour cabinet keep allowing extra unnecessary investment.

In Horfield, I am still pressing for changes to the Muller Road transport plan which has serious consequences for residents in the surrounding streets. When I get more news on this I will pass it on.

As ever, please contact me about all local issues big and small and I’ll try and help.

Best wishes

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