News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - November 2018

November 07 2018
News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - November 2018

Autumn is always a lovely season in our wonderful parks - and I hope many of you have enjoyed the autumn sunshine on both Horfield Common and Monks Park Open Space.

Sadly, the council is proposing to put food and drinks vans on both these sites. I have quite understandably had many residents expressing their objections to these plans. The Mayor has been very vocal about being a Sugar Smart City and wanting to tackle obesity and unhealthy eating so these proposals seem to be totally opposite to his virtuous rhetoric. I have raised my objections to the plans on both sites. Horfield Common already has an existing community cafe and the Leisure Centre also sells food and drink, so I see no need for another outlet. Monks Park is a popular route for young people on their way to Orchard school, who would no doubt be lured into purchasing sugary drinks and unhealthy food, so I see no benefit of a concession there either. I hope the council see sense on this one - I’ll keep you posted!

On a positive note, I have been working with the Police, Parks and Council officers to look at plans to improve Horfield Common, make it more family friendly and protect the green space from unwelcome vehicles (of which we have had many over recent months). We are drawing up plans to increase the number of trees and park benches and would like to include spring bulb patches and wild flowers. In addition to the planned new surface around the play equipment this could really improve the Common. It’s likely to take a good few months to get some plans and funding, but I will keep in touch and hopefully have some options for residents to consider in the coming months.

I wish you all a Happy Halloween and Bonfire Night - please consider your neighbours and their pets in any fun and celebrations you hold. Keep the emails and phone calls coming on any local issue you need help with. it’s always great to hear from you.

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