News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - September 2019

September 23 2019
News from Horfield Councillor Claire Hiscott - September 2019

September means ‘back to school’ for our children and I hope everyone is settling in to their new classes and schools in Horfield . I wish all our lovely local schools a very happy and successful term.

I was very glad to hear the new Prime Minister promise fairer funding for schools - fingers crossed that Bristol benefits! Also, I’m really pleased that we have extra police funding on its way too, Horfield has had a spate of crimes over the summer which has really spoilt the holiday season. The new police station located at the hospital is great to now have a real presence back in the ward.

I have had many residents complain about van dwellers and static caravans parked on Kellaway Ave, which are causing a lot of upset and have recently been the target of vandals. The Mayor has just published a new policy on the issue, which sadly is so vague it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The policy gives no clear guidance on what is unacceptable and says every issue will be judged on a ‘case by case’ basis, which means something and nothing. I am so disappointed.  I have sent in my questions to Marvin and his cabinet and am demanding he takes stronger action. Even simply changing the parking restrictions around the common would make a difference. Watch this space.

Later this month I am bringing together councillors from across all parties to look at using new technology to reduce air pollution in our most smokey roads.  We are going to hear from some innovative companies so I really hope an affordable solution can be found. Otherwise the council is likely to be taken to court by central government over the issue and fined -which will be money down the drain!

I’ll sign off on a positive note - my huge thanks to local residents who are regularly reporting local problems to me, especially flytipping, antisocial behaviour and street items needing repair, it really help because I can’t be everywhere at once. Also, thank you to the litterpickers, youth club workers, club organisers and community groups  and everyone that does so much to make Horfield a happy place to live. We salute you!

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