News from Lockleaze councillor Gill Kirk - June 2019

June 17 2019
News from Lockleaze councillor Gill Kirk - June 2019

Estella and I were pleased to be able to contribute to the consultation on the review of the Bristol Local Plan, on behalf of Lockleaze.

We hear a lot about various plans in Bristol, but this is a very important one! In parallel with the One City Plan, this document will set a long term strategy for development in Bristol up until 2036.

First and foremost it covers how new and affordable homes will be delivered, including the Mayors manifesto target of 2000 new homes year with 800 affordable by 2020. This matters a lot to us in Lockleaze, where we expect around 1200 new homes to be built ! We have strongly supported the designation of Stoke Park Estate as a Local Green Space which gives it long term guaranteed protection from development.

The Local Plan also gives consideration to how the new homes will be connected with the rest of the city by improving transport infrastructure …..mass/rapid transit, a new bus deal, improved pedestrian and cycling routes and management of traffic congestion. With preparation underway on several sites in Lockleaze for the building of new housing, it is important to reflect the views residents have expressed in the recently published Community Plan, Our Lockleaze 2019-24 (based on residents’ responses to a community survey).

Our residents have identified housing as one of the highest priorities for our area…. but it must be housing suited to the area, not very high density, or high-rise. The council already has a dedicated housing development team hard at work in Lockleaze working with local groups such as LNT and the Residents Planning Group to co-ordinate the right sort of development to meet the needs of Lockleaze. This includes mixed housing developments, where people can buy or rent at affordable rates, along with the necessary services and community facilities for a growing population.

There is a great need for more family homes, and also smaller units for small households and those who may wish to downsize. Local people are keen to explore new options for self-build, custom build and community led housing schemes. We are delighted to hear that some extra care housing will be built locally, where older people can remain in their community with support services available on-site. What matters most is that developers who help the council build new homes in Lockleaze listen to the wishes of local people, read our Community Plan and speak to residents through public consultations. This way new development will improve the area in a way local people can support and benefit from. If you would like to know more about joining the residents Planning Group which meets the first Thursday of every month 7-9pm at the Cameron Centre, please enquire at The Hub.