News from our local MP Darren Jones - April 2019

April 07 2019
News from our local MP Darren Jones - April 2019

Each month I seem to start this column by saying the Brexit saga continues and this month is no different although I do hope there is now some end in sight to the madness

This is because the Prime Minister has well and truly ‘ran down the clock’ and Parliament has been clear a damaging and self-destructive ‘no deal’ must be taken off the table and we must extend Article 50. I want readers to know, I am under no illusion about the uncertainty this crisis creates for businesses, the economy and EU citizens here in Bristol North West and I wish I could stop that - but I must continue to champion a future that doesn’t risk damaging the country and Bristol North West for decades to come. I have always said, I will stick to my views and the view of most of this constituency. Brexit must be challenged or else it will seriously affect the economy, jobs and the long fought-for workers rights and environmental regulations of this country - the people must have a right to a final say over what happens next.  

I know that we’re also all concerned about the environment and the ever-persistent and growing threat from climate change - which is why I’ve been leading debates in Parliament, undertaking inquiries through my select committees and joining #climatestrike protestors in Bristol. 

As part of this work, I’m hosting a live panel discussion in Bristol on the 12th of April on the issue of climate change. This is part of my recently launched new podcast, called ‘Policy Pods’, which answers your questions in a bit more detail. 

Please come along to see the podcast recorded and ask myself and the panel a question. You can reserve a ticket via: and you can download the podcast by searching “Policy Pods” on your podcast app or by visiting my website.

Your Champion in Bristol

This month has continued to be dominated by the council’s proposed changes to the A4018 and Muller Road. I’ll be hosting a public meeting to discuss the proposed changes to Muller Road and the surrounding streets on Friday 29th March, you can find out more and reserve a space here: (although please note that I may have to change this date in case I have to stay in Westminster for emergency Brexit legislation!). 

The council’s consultation is live until Sunday 7th April, and I will be pulling together feedback from residents, community organisations and businesses before I too submit a formal response to the Council. You can also view a 30-minute video where I explain an overview of the constituency’s transport challenges in the face of heavy development in North Bristol here:

As regular readers will know, I’ve suggested three new Transport Hubs in my North Bristol Transport Plan, including one North of Lockleaze - putting rail, park and ride, parking and electric vehicle charging, and cycle hire and lock up onto one site. The hub locations were deliberately chosen on my part to avoid the thousands of cars from new housing estates in South Gloucestershire having to drive down the A4018 or Gloucester Road – and equally, to prevent more cars adding to the commuter parking crisis across large parts of Bristol North West including Cheswick Village.  Whilst a park and ride was proposed to the east of Lockleaze, I objected to this on the basis that it involves turning greenbelt agricultural land in Stoke Park into a car park as well as on the other side of the M32 on the Sims Hill land. There’s no reason for this when we have other sights available and cars will still be coming into Bristol when they should be encouraged to park-up at a designated site to the north of the city thus reducing emissions and congestion.  I urge residents tojoin my North Bristol Transport Facebook group to keep up to date with news and views from across the

In other news, I attended a ‘Library Ideas’ event in Southmead in March, the discussion covered the libraries in Horfield and Lockleaze. There were lots of great ideas about modernising our libraries across Bristol North West and there are many exciting opportunities for creating digital, community hubs as a central point of information, gathering as well as books! I am pleased to see the council thinking ‘outside the box’ and will continue to do what I can to support this process.

I’ll be hosting one of my monthly café politics sessions, to chat local and national politics over a coffee, at Horfield Leisure Centre on Saturday 6th April. If you’d like to join me, at this or any other event, please reserve your tickets via

If you would like to get in touch with me about any local or national issue, please email, write to Darren Jones MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or sign up to my monthly newsletter You can also find me on Facebook ( and Twitter (@darrenpjones) and join my weekly Facebook Live chat on Wednesdays at 7.30pm.