News from our local MP Darren Jones - October 2019

October 28 2019
News from our local MP Darren Jones - October 2019

Having had a couple of weeks off with my family over the Summer I was refreshed and ready to go for the new term in Parliament. That was until Boris Johnson closed us down again with a return date of October 14th

At the time of writing, we’re waiting for the Supreme Court to decide if this closure of Parliament was done legally. How we’ve ended up in a situation where our Prime Minister is alleged to have lied to the Queen, our Supreme Court has to ask our Prime Minister to enter into legal undertakings to promise to follow the law and our democratic processes have been closed down at such a crucial time really is beyond me. This is not how we run things in Britain and the sooner we get back to normal the better.

Your Voice in Parliament 

In the two weeks we did have back in Parliament, there was enormous amounts of hard work going on to stop a no deal Brexit at the end of October. Whether you voted to leave or remain, no one campaigned for a no deal Brexit in 2016 and all of the briefings - including official government papers, known as Yellow Hammer - make it clear a no deal Brexit would be a disaster for our economy and our security. I voted for Hilary Benn’s bill, which requires an extension with the EU over a no deal Brexit by law, and I continue to campaign for a People’s Vote in which I’d campaign for and vote to remain in and reform the EU. In response, the government then called for an election, which I voted against. I did so because as soon as an election is called, Parliament is dissolved and there are automatically no Members of Parliament until after the election. That would have risked giving Boris Johnson complete executive power - including over the current Brexit deadlines - which I and a majority of MPs were unwilling to allow.

In between all of that, I was really pleased to help launch a select committee report in the House of Commons on a report which I started and led on clean growth and how we can use technology to meet our net zero carbon emission targets. This bumper report sets a blueprint for whoever is in government on how Britain can meet its net zero carbon emissions targets.

Your Champion in Bristol 

Following this, I had an excellent coffee morning, pub politics and a brilliant community meeting talking about action being taken locally and nationally to deal with the climate crisis. I was inspired by the number of children involved in the latest climate strike marches, where I joined a number of primary schools who were able to organise a rally and march before school; allowing pupils the chance to take part in a day of global action and get to school on time! We’re doing great things on renewable energy in Bristol, which I saw first hand on visits to our onshore wind farm in Avonmouth from Thrive Renewables and then at a visit to Accolade Wines, which has its own wind turbines too!

With the additional time I’ve had to be at home in Bristol, I’ve also managed to fit in a visit to the Avon Riding Centre, the re-opening of the Southmead Children’s Centre, a visit to excellent new council housing in Henbury, a walkability audit of Westbury village, school visits to Shire Primary, Filton Avenue Primary, Nova Primary, Stoke Park Primary, a street stall on Henleaze high street, two surgeries and the annual dinner from our excellent RAF Cadets at 2442 Squadron, which I have the privilege of serving as their honorary president.

Lastly, there are still some tickets left to join me at a presentation and Q&A about the proposed development from YTL for a new 17,000 seat arena at the Brabazon hangar in North Bristol. Go to to book your place through Eventbrite. As always, if you need my help or want to get in touch you can email me on or find me on Facebook at