News from the Mayor - May 2019

May 14 2019
News from the Mayor - May 2019

Litter and graffiti are issues that people care deeply about in their local area, and are part of the way we feel about our own communities and homes. Making Bristol’s streets measurably cleaner is a priority for many people in the city, and one shared by me and my administration.

That is why at our most recent cabinet meeting, we approved the allocation of an additional £1m for our Clean Streets action plan.

As part of the investment the city centre areas and parks, which see high levels of use, will get new high tech bins that can compact litter and hold up to six times more than a standard bin. The bins will also email Bristol Waste Company automatically when they need emptying.

We are also purchasing a cherry picker to help our graffiti removal crews access graffiti in hard to reach places.

The fantastic volunteering groups who help to try and improve Bristol’s streets will also benefit from the investment. One hundred litter picking kits will be made available for schools, and new equipment, including graffiti removal kits, are set to be purchased for community clean ups.

But we know in many cases this is dealing with the actions of a minority of people who continue to think it is acceptable to treat the city as their personal bin. I am determined to challenge the behaviour of these people, through enforcement. This means fixed penalty notices to those caught littering and prosecuting those fly tipping in our city. My May cabinet meeting will consider proposals to increase the fixed penalty charges for certain environmental offences such as littering, fly-posting and graffiti.

I am grateful to the hardworking staff at Bristol Waste Company, and the many volunteers across the city, who are already working hard to make the streets cleaner and more welcoming. We want to support them all in their work to make Bristol’s streets something we can all be proud of.