Vote for your community heroes in the Horfield and Lockleaze Community Awards

June 24 2019
Vote for your community heroes in the Horfield and Lockleaze Community Awards

What makes your community great? Horfield and Lockleaze is bursting with people who make it a great place to live.

Whether it is friendly shop-staff, the teachers who inspire, the neighbours who take your parcels, cut your grass and cheer you up; the group leaders for scouts, sports and sewing groups, and so many more people who freely give their time and energy to make Horfield and Lockleaze a better plan to live. The Horfield and Lockleaze Voice wants to celebrate and share some of the stories from our community, and we need you to nominate the people you are thankful for, and share with everyone what in particular is great about 

We are asking residents to nominate organisations, groups and individuals for awards using the form available online or in the local libraries (Horfield, Lockleaze), Ebenezer Church, Buzz Lockleaze, The Hub Lockleaze, or Upper Horfield Community Trust. The deadline for nominations is the 10 July 2019. The nominations will be shortlisted by a panel of local residents and Councillors and then shortlisted candidates will be invited to an awards dinner in September where the winner will be announced. We will be publishing details of the awards in our October issue.

For more information and to place your vote at

The categories are:

Best business

Which are the local businesses that you couldn’t do without. The conversation with the staff, the great products or services, the things that make life taste better. We’d love to know.

Good Neighbour

Who is helping you on your doorstep. Feeding cats, watering plants, babysitting, house sitting, collecting your parcels, telling you jokes - tell us about the people on your street, block, doorstep that you think are worth shouting about

Volunteer of the year

Most of us like to help people, but some people go the extra mile, giving their time and skills for free on a regular basis to make life better for the rest of us. We think you’re fabulous, all of you, and look forward to hearing about all the different things people volunteer for and why we should all be grateful.


Most things worth doing take determination and hard work and there are usually some pretty big obstacles that deter the faint hearted. Who do you know that has achieved something awesome this year? Maybe they have overcome a personal hurdle or done something particularly nspiring for our community.

Teacher of the Year

We know that teaching is a labour of love and we are so grateful to the commitment and passion of all the people who work in our schools. We’d love to share some stories of those teachers that go the extra mile, that bring subjects alive, that put up with pupils at their worst and come back smiling and inspiring. Tell us about the teachers that have lit up 2019 for you.

Sports and physical activity group

Sports and physical activity groups are often places where community takes place. It’s where you get fit, get friends and grow together. Whether it’s a mums and tums, walking group or a Rugby colts, tell us about your group and what’s great about it.

Community group

What makes your community group special? Maybe you’ve been meeting a long time, maybe you are solving a local problem, maybe you support each other in a way that nothing else does. Whatever the reason you are meeting we’d like to hear about what keeps you coming back and why it’s so special

Children and young people group

We believe that children are our future, and the experiences and people they have now form the foundation for the rest of their lives. What groups or activities are rocking your kids world? We’d love to know what, where, when and why they are so great.

Made a big difference

Is there someone, or a group of people, whose actions have made a BIG difference to you this year? It could be a friend, a colleague, your doctor - anyone really! Tell us about them and show your appreciation to them