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July 03 2018 Thumbnail Image

Civil Service Sports Club faces closure threat

Local residents will know the Civil Service Sports Club on Filton Avenue as a much-used and appreciated community space. .. Read More

July 03 2018 Thumbnail Image

Ardagh Trust fires volley at council over tennis courts scheme

The Friends of Horfield Common have been working with the Council for the last seven years with the aim of taking over the site under a Community Asset Transfer and have set up the Ardagh Community Trust (ACT) to do this. .. Read More

July 03 2018 Thumbnail Image

Could the Golden Bottle closure be an opportunity for Lockleaze

Lockleaze’s only pub, the Golden Bottle, has been closed for nearly two months now and stands on Constable Road with its windows boarded up and a “To Let” sign clearly visible... Read More

July 03 2018 Thumbnail Image

SL&P submits plans for a new playground

The South Lockleaze & Purdown Neighbourhood Group have submitted plans for a new children’s playground, to help fill the gap of young people facilities in the neighbourhood.. Read More