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January 16 2019 Thumbnail Image

Ambitious rail plan could bring new station

Bristol’s congestion problems can be eased with an ambitious rail strategy including a series of new stations across the City such as in Horfield. .. Read More

January 14 2019 Thumbnail Image

It's been all systems go at the Old Library recently !

It has been all systems go down at the Old Library this month. .. Read More

January 14 2019 Thumbnail Image

Bristol Combination Rugby hold gala dinner at Lockleaze Sports Centre

The Bristol & District Rugby Combination hosted their first Dinner at LSC that was also the inaugural dinner gala event to be held at the centre. .. Read More

January 14 2019 Thumbnail Image

Stoke Park update from Bristol City Council

This is the latest information on the restoration works at Stoke Park Estate. The work is designed to ensure improved long-term management and restoration of the estate. .. Read More