Training space for self-build housing to open

January 14 2019
Training space for self-build housing to open

Bristol based social enterprise, Ecomotive, is set to take over the management and running of The Wordsworth Centre

They will be transforming the centre into a training space for residents of Lockleaze and the wider Bristol area to come and learn about self-build and community housing.

Ecomotive has spent many years working with groups who want to set up housing projects, campaigning for better support for self-build and community-led housing, and taking on derelict sites to show how communities can be part of the housing solution. We believe that community-led and self-build housing has an important role to play in tackling the shortage of housing, but we also know that these solutions need to be affordable and accessible to a broad range of people.

From our years of experience we have seen that land is a big obstacle for groups looking to self-build or self-finish, but with the support of Bristol City Council that is starting to change. As more people get behind the community-led and self-build housing movement we want to make sure everyone who wants to is ready to take part. We will be combining training with our ‘Made in Bristol’ SNUG home, that we plan to start design and test at the Wordsworth space. Our plan is to create training opportunities with real hands on experience. With Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, Bristol Community Land Trust and the Ashley Vale Action Group demonstrating their commitment to increase affordable housing in Lockleaze, we at Ecomotive want to provide a further level of support for people to develop the skills and understanding to get involved.

Are you interested in learning some DIY skills that you can put to use in your own house? Perhaps you’re interested in what it would take to being involved in a community self-build project? Maybe you would like to know more about low energy design and sustainable materials? Are you considering supporting Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust in their mission to get the local community involved in the design and build of homes for existing Lockleaze residents? If you think you might be interested in being involved we would like to hear from you.

Perhaps you have some time and would like to volunteer to help?

We would like to tidy up the space and get it prepared.

We would like to fund raise to bring opportunities to more people.

Can you help in the above areas?

In the new year we will officially launch our range of training courses and volunteer days, as well as creating a space to come and find out about self-build and community-led housing. We look forward to meeting and getting to know lots of you over the coming months. In the meantime you can head over to our website , find us on Facebook or drop us an email on

The project is being supported by the Bristol Community Energy Fund.